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What is Pixoneye?#

Our lightweight SDK integrates into any mobile application and generates accurate actionable information about your app's users - letting you understand, segment and interact with them more effectively. We do this using a state of the art machine learning algorithm that analyses photo galleries.

With Pixoneye, you can:

  • Uncover useful user information such as demographics, hobbies and more
  • Send custom push notifications to specific user segments
  • Personalise in-app content based on user characteristics

How Does It Work?#

After installing the SDK, our algorithm will discover the gender, age group, commute preferences, hobbies, travel destinations, parental status and many more meaningful characteristics about your app's users.

Our technology enables the user's device to analyse its own photos, meaning that at no time do images leave the device, allowing us to extract meaningful insights without compromising your users' privacy.

Our Platform#

The Pixoneye platform has three primary components:

SDK: Pixoneye's SDK (Software Development Kit) is the on-device tool that allows the data and the creation of recommendation, targeting and personalisation - to be deployed on any app. Once installed, our SDK will provide analytic tools and data about all users’ behaviour. You can read about our SDK integration here

Dashboard: Will provide a broad view of all your users’ demographics, hobbies, lifestyle and more which will give you an in-depth understanding of their lifestyle and behavioural patterns. You can filter the data across engagements or specifics categories.

Data API: The API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of methods of communication between third party servers / mobile devices to our backend (database). This would be your channel to work with us server to server and get the data you want. You can read about using the API here

System Diagram#