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Technical Specs#

iOS Android
Code Size ~2.2MB ~1.6MB
Runtime Memory 130MB 130MB
Requirements XCode 7+
Swift or Objective C project IOS 9.0+
Android Studio
Minimum android-api 16
Permissions Photos Photos, media and files
GitHub Link Link

Will the SDK affect my app's performance?
Pixoneye’s SDK works with limited impact on performance and user experience. Scanning is performed as a background process, without affecting the user’s feel or your app's responsiveness.

When will I start seeing data?
Once a user allows the required permissions, you will starts seeing preliminary data immediately but more data will show up the longer the scanning process runs. In 3-5 days you'll get comprehensive and accurate results. We deliberately slowed down the machine learning process so it would not harm your app's user experience.

How often is the data updated?
All information about your users and audience is updated in real-time.


Which user properties can you detect?

  • Demographics: Home Location, Gender, Age Group, Marital Status, Children
  • Lifestyle: Pets, Transportation, Smoking, Sport Active, Sports Viewer
  • Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, Cooking, Fashion, Skiing, Running, Soccer
  • Life Events: Having a baby

And much more comming soon! (We also take requests)

Where can I see this data?
You can see the data in our Dashboard or use our API to migrate data to your own database.

Privacy & Terms#

Does Pixoneye collect sensitive user information?
Pixoneye does NOT collect any personally identifiable information about any user and advocates for anonymity, whereas users are identified only by their AAID or IDFA, in accordance with the standard Android and iOS regulations.

Do users know that they are being tracked?
Pixoneye's tracking is completely transparent to the end user. Our Terms of Service state that we do not collect any personally identifiable information. We ask app publishers to communicate and notify the user upon using our technology, which stores completely anonymized data within our cloud servers.

What if a user chooses not to be tracked and/or removed from Pixoneye’s service?
Any user can be opted-out of our service. Both End-Users and Publishers can remove specific users by sending us an email to Opt-out, after that, we will remove the data affiliated with that device onwards.